Press Release

Widecombe Fair is as late as it can ever be this year as the second Tuesday in September falls on the 13th of the month. This means that all the schools will be back and the holiday season will be well and truly over and the moors will be back to their peaceful unchanging self. So what better way of rounding the summer off than a visit to perhaps England’s most famous village fair? If you haven’t been for a while you’ll find that a lot of things have changed for the better and that more than ever before our annual fair gives you a flavour of real country life up here in the hills and valleys of Dartmoor.

No more the endless queuing to get to the fair, with the park and ride operating from both sides of the valley we have removed the bottleneck scenario that so often caused big tailbacks and with just a small charge for the parking and ride you can have a cheap day out for a full car load of people as there is no admission charge for the Fairfield anymore!

This year we welcome back Martyn Whitley’s Dartmoor Hawking with a mounted display of working birds of prey. Jed Watson will be giving us a display of working sheep dogs while Victor Pitts will be back with his Dog and Ducks demonstration. On top of this there are the usual and very popular flyball and dog agility from canine capers and Canburne Gun Dog display. As ever the Dartmoor Hill Pony Display team will be performing their latest display which has been to most of the bigger shows in the area including Devon County Show and for a first time at Widecombe Fair we will have a hay pole demonstration showing how hay ricks used to be built in the days before mechanisation.

So why not come to Widecombe on Tuesday 13th September and soak up the rural tranquility and a way of life that has gone on for centuries in these valleys. Sheep shearing competitions, cattle, sheep and pony classes, vintage cars and agricultural machinery, live folk music in the beer tent from 10.00am through to midnight, including Geoff Lakeman, the Kelly Quarry Blasters and many others besides, good food and loads of interesting stalls to explore.
Come to Widecombe and become a part of the legend that is “Widecombe Fair!”

Devon Life