Widecombe Fair Timetable of Events and Attractions 2018

main ring

09.30 Horse and Pony judging

11.30 Parade of Austin Seven Motor Cars

12.00 Dartmoor Hill Pony Display Team

12.30 Grand Parade and cup presentations for Horse classes

12.45 Victor Pitts Dog and Ducks Display

13.15 Parade of South Devon Foxhounds

13.15 Arrival Of Francis Partridge sponsored bicycle ride from Spreyton

13.30 Terrier Racing 

14.00 Grand Parade of Sheep, cup presentation for

livestock, and interbreed championship judging

14.30 Vintage Machinery and 'Farming Through the Ages' demonstration

15.20 Children's Mounted Fancy Dress

15.30 Terrier Racing 

15.45 Uncle Tom Cobley Downhill Race

16.30 Martyn Whitley - Dartmoor Hawking Display

17.15 Grand Parade of All Vintage Machinery

17.30 Dartmoor Hill Pony Display Team



10.00 Widecombe School Maypole Dancing &c.

11.00 Family Dog Show

13.00 Children's Races

13.30 Junior Uncle Tom Cobley Race

13.45 Dartmoor Border Morris Dancing

14.00 Victor Pitts Dog and Ducks Demonstration

14.45 Canine Capers Dog Agility Display followed by Have a Go involving the public

16.30 Dartmoor Border Morris Dancing

17.00 Bale Tossing!

19.00 Tug O'War!